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scott wrote at 2013-06-14 17:45:56
Hi all

Sorry but I do have some issues with this answer.

2 operating systems completely separate:

There is such a thing as 64 bit XP, so you could infact have 2 drives installed and then just change your boot drive in the BIOS when required

Windows Dual boot menu

Win7 uses bootmanager to boot and is totally different to Winxp, you always install the oldest operating system first and then the newest after, win7 would see that you have an older version and give you the option to dual boot.


Some pcs are able to use 32bit virtualisation, it depends on the CPU and motherboard, check this link out, Win 7 does have an xp mode:

Another way is to use a program called virtualbox and run XP in a virtual machine, I have used these many times and they are very useful.

hope this helps


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