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Windows 7/Monitor goes to sleep erractically


QUESTION: Monitor “goes to sleep” in the middle of being used.  I must move the mouse to keep it awake. This happens sometimes every 20 seconds, sometimes every hour or so, sometimes every couple of days. Sometimes it can be stopped for a while by rebooting the computer. Sometimes not. I can’t see that it happens in any particular activity more than another.

I have cleaned out the insides of the computer and the graphics card. Graphics card drivers are up to date. Monitor cable is secure at both ends.  Computer has been scanned with Malwarebytes and nothing is reported by it. Avast AV finds nothing. Power setting is at “never turn off display”. Have also tried other turn off at various times settings.
Equipment = HP vs19e monitor, Dell Studio XPS 8100, graphics – nVIDIA GeForceG310 512 MB, windows 7 64 bit,

Any ideas?

ANSWER: Hello, Gary.  Thanks for the question!

I see this issue quite commonly with custom built PC's, but very seldom with OEM (prebuilt) ones.  The issue here is sometimes caused by a bad power supply.  Just so we can rule that out up-front, listen to the sound your power supply makes under system load.  You shouldn't hear anything such as whining, hissing, etc.  Those noises could lead one to believe it is a faulty power supply.  

If you do not hear noises, I will send you a link to a program that will tell the voltages, etc. your power supply is sending to your hardware, and I will be able to determine if they are correct or not.

I look forward to hearing from you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thanks for answering so promptly.
I do not hear any unusual whining or hissing sounds from the computer, now or when the problem is occurring. And, knock on wood, I have not experienced the problem since I submitted the original question. Go figure. And I have been using the computer just like ordinary. Although it was driving me crazy, I can hardly believe it's acting normally for the time being. This is one of the longest running good spells I've had for a while. I'm wondering how long it will last. So I don't know whether to bother you some more or just see how long the problem stays away.

For now, what I would recommend is to wait until it happens again (hopefully it wont!), and try to remember what you were doing prior to it happening (such as any unusual freezes, or anything out of the ordinary).  Then I will be better able to link it with a possible solution.

Best of luck to you, and let's hope it doesn't happen again.  Haha.

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