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I was reinstalling Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 and, because on partition C I don't have any free space, I installed on partition D (there is my all documents etc). Now when I boot, I have to choose between 2 Windows 7, the original one on the partition C, and the new one on partition D. How can I delete the first Windows without losing my documents? Sorry for my bad english.

Hello Alina,

I understand you perfectly well, Alina. You are going to have to delete a/some line(s)/entry (ies) once you've turned on your Windows 7 Ultimate PC.

1-Click on START and type "MSCONFIG" on the RUN interface and press ENTER. (Please do not include the quotes)
2-Once the MSCONFIG window comes up, click on the BOOT tab.
3-Now this is where your line(s) come in. Confirm that you know what Operating System (s) start-up option requires deletion.

TIP/NOTE:The current OS start-up gives you no option to delete as you are logged into it. It also displays the current hard-disk drive Letter. So the start-up option you would like removed displays drive C:

4-Once you are satisfied with your decision, select the right line that mentions WINDOWS XP and drive C:
5-Click on Delete and restart Windows.

Regarding the files, you are going to have to access them via D:\Users\Alina\Documents folder or wherever you stored them in that Partition.

Now regarding the subject of deleting partition C: with the exemption of not losing your files, you are meant to use a software.

The best of it being PARTITION MANAGER

Kind Regards,

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