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I am trying to get the font on my desktop to increase in size, however when I do this the icons appear to big. I went to view on the desktop and chose small icon view. When I go to increase the size of the font afterwards, some windows I lose the bottom part of the window.(i.e. next,cancel,finish,etc..) Is there a way to adjust this without losing those features?


Hi Mike
In Windows XP you would have been able to do what you wanted.

However in Windows 7 it looks like Microsoft changed how that works.  In Windows XP you could have changed the font size with out changing the icon size.  However in Windows 7 everything changes.

In short the answer to your question is that with what Windows offers it does not appear to be possible to change the font size without changing the icon size.

A third party app may be able to do this but I am not aware of any.

Good Luck


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