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hi..i have win 7; one pc is desktop and one laptop. i am trying to find out how to backup the files on both, and would like to use a cd rom. i dont know the difference between dvd and cd rom. i have just read about the crypto virus and thats why i want to back up the files. so, could you please tell me how to do that using a dvd or cd rom, whichever works of course, and how to go about doing it. thank you!!

Thanks for your question, James!

If the choice is between a CD-R and a DVD-R, always go with the DVD.  The DVD has about 6x teh capacity of a CD.  The easiest way to backup certain files is to do the following:

1. Insert the blank DVD

2. A dialogue box will pop up asking you what to do with it.  Select "Burn files to disc using Windows Explorer"

3. From there, a blank folder will pop up.  This will be what you want written to the DVD.  From here, you can just drag and drop any files you wish to backup. From there, you can just select the burn to disc option and you should be set!

As far as the crypto virus goes, a strong antivirus will help prevent it in the first place.  An antivirus like Avast Free Edition is well-known for being the most sensitive antivirus out there.  Also, if you would like my assistance on tweaking this, or any other antivirus to a higher sensitivity, feel free to ask!  

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