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Windows 7/what I don't know and am asking for your input is .....


Hi, there,

I know that you log a lot of hours that you donate as a volunteer but would please tell me how you would invoice a client for installing a modem and then a wifi router (getting them online and setting up the Wi-Fi network)  Then basic training to use it, I guess should be included.

Would the following be reasonable (1 lot   Internet:  set up basic LAN network then upgraded to a private secured Wi-Fi blah blah blah    2 hours @ 75.00/hr -  $150.00)  

I'll be able to work out a better description than this first effort, what I don't know and am asking for your input is .....
so you think 2 hours x 75/hr = $150/total is...  about right or not?

Thank you.

Hello Fred

not for me m everybody has a computer geek in the family now a days so you would actually want to lower your prices a little bit

Major ISP companies usually charge per visit , for example what I know that century link and cox internet charge 60$ to do the network installation / configurations / securing  for 1 computer , and 100$ for 2-5 computers , regardless of how many hours they spent and of Crouse that doesn't the cost of the hardware modem / router.

anyways.. if its only for one computer and 1 person training and no longer than two hours 100$ would be ok  

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