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Dear Chris, Although you may think I am asking a question which seems to be musically related, I think is no different to getting any software connected via usb. Anyway, I have downloaded a musical instrument program which always used to connect immediately some time previously, but now the midi signal from the keyboard is not being picked up. This does not seem to be very different from connecting tha computer keyboard, which there is no problem with.
Could you possibly suggest any means of testing/activsting the Midi signal? ( I would ask your computer music specialist if he was not on holiday).Many thanks ans Best Regards.
Ken Tourle.

Thanks for your question!

Before I get into advanced troubleshooting, please open up your "Sound" settings tab.  This can be easiest done by clicking the Start button and typing "Sound" in the search bar.

From there, tell me if you see your midi device on the list of available devices under the "Recording" tab.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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