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in excel, how do I create a formula for the following, if the value in cell a1 is greater than 30 and less than 61 enter the value shown in cell b1 otherwise enter the value as 0.

Hi Ed!

There are several ways you could do this, but the simplest method is to put this formula in cell B1:


IF statements work like this:  =IF(someTest, true-do this, false-do this).  For example:  IF(A1>30, A1, 0) translates to: test if A1 is greater than 30, if so print A1's value, if not print 0.

You could do a double IF statement to test whether is is also less than 61 [=IF(A1>30,IF(A1<61,A1,0),0)] but you can use the special "AND" function which tells Excel to check that BOTH statements are true.

Feel free to follow up with any additional questions.

Good luck!

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