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QUESTION: I have a garmin nuvi gps that I plug into my laptop via a usb cable to get map updates

However, I am getting a message saying that my device cannot be located

I have tried the other ports, and I have even tried another laptop, same message.

What's up?

ANSWER: good evening

I take it you mean windows cant see it?

It just so happens that I have had the same thing twice with my Garmin500, each time it was the cable, so have you tried a new cable?

But in short what windows is telling you is it cant get or under stand the device id, when you plug a device in before any drivers are installed or used it will say "hello my device id is ******(some number)and im garmin)  windows will then search it database for drivers for that ID and install and use them or just use them if its already installed.

Your worst case scenario is where you cable is fine but the connector on the garmin itself is damaged, that would be very bad indeed, you might be able to send it for repairs, but it would cost I should think.



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QUESTION: I will try other cables

but it seems to connect, bacause when I plug cable into laptop, garmin device goes on

i'll give other cables a try

also, I have previously connected garmin to laptop

hi there

my used to come on and windows would beep and then say in the bottom right there was a problem installing. it could be just one of the wires for communication are damaged but the power ones are ok.

so when you plug it in do you see it under my computer  as a storage device and does it say garmin?


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