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Windows 7/Win 7 Backup and Restore no longer interactive


Not so long time ago I decided to install Win 7 Home edition
For Backup and Restore I have bought an external HD of 2 TB (WD brand name is "My book")
To-day an automated Backup was done as instructed by me in the Backup schedule.
As I noticed that already 424.18 Gb were use and I thought this is a lot, I tried to click "Manage Space" but there was no reaction.
I clicked the link to Turn off the Schedule..

Then I clicked (to check) Change Settings, Turn on Schedule, Backup now

I still have 1.25 Tb free of 1.82 TB on the "My Book" external hard drive.
Somewhere on the internet I read that the Backup function of Win 7 can become problematic is back up is done to external HD.
What is your advise please.

Hi Ferdinand,
I do not use MS backup or any back software from Western Digital or other such manufactures.  So I could not advise you on any of them.

I use a program called SyncBack by 2BrightSparks.  They have several versions from free to professional.  I use the standard version which is fairly affordable.  There are many useful features such as scheduling, FTP transfer compression, encryption and many more.

I usually back up to a thumb drive.


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