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Hi , My windows 7 freezes on my laptop (lenovo g570)in Normal mode when I have any kind of activity within 2 minutes and i have to shut it down by pressing the power key, however in safe mode it works and I have tried 3 different kind of antiviruses and antimalwares, but still no luck, finally I found this solution, I went to MSCONFIG and disabled all services except for MICROSOFT CORPORATION services and it didnt work , but when I disabled MICROSOFT CORPORATION services then it worked! there are around 60,70 services which belong to MICROSOFT CORPORATION and i tried to narrow it down by checking which of these services are causing the computer to freeze,by disabling and restarting and testing eventually I came up with these 25 Services ,definitely one of them is potentially the main culprit:
1)Security accounts manager 2)Windows Backup 3)System event notification 4)adaptive brightness 5)shell hardware detection    6) SNMP trap 7) SPP notification service 8)SSDP Discovery 9)Secure socket tunneling protocol service 10) windows image Acquisition (WIA) 11) microsoft software shadow copy provider 12)superfetch 13)telephony 14)TPM base services 15)thread ordering server 16)Disturbed link tracking client 17)windows module installer 18)interactive services detection 19)credential manager 20)virtual disk 21)UPNP device host 22)volume shadow disc 23)block level backup engine service 24)windows biometric service 25)windows connect now - config registrar

can you please help me which one of these 25 services are causing that ? or can I safely just leave these services off? any help ,suggestions or recommendations would be massively appreciated!

Hello Alireza

Actually you are not going to want to disable those microsoft services on your own. Odds are the problem is related to other programs/drivers and/or malware that your computer came with.   As for antivirus, I recommend Avast Free antivirus which you can get through my website SOFTWARE/SUPPORT Links as well as the many other programs I recommend to help with your current diagnosis, cleaning and optimizing. Visit my website at and read the TIPS page on OPTIMIZING your computer. Then go to the SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page and install all the items from the PINK section which will include CCLEANER, MALWAREBYTES, SPYWAREBLASTER, XP ANTISPY AND SPYBOT SEARCH & DESTROY.. with these installed you have a pretty good handle on any malware/spyware that can get in to your system.  From the TOOLS within CCLEANER you can safely DISABLE start up items to determine just where the problems are coming from.  

You should first and foremost make sure you have all the latest windows updates and service packs including additional 'optional' items, not just the critical items as you will find there are quite often, a number of driver updates for the various hardware installed on your system.

You may also need to visit the manufacturers website to see if there is also a new BIOS FIRMWARE UPDATE as that can definitely fix many issues that are caused from outdated bios and the way your motherboard communicates with said drivers/devices.

You can learn how to use CCLEANER to the best capabilities from this link:

Note if you have already had other antivirus programs installed, ccleaner can help remove and clean old registry entries but note that most antivirus software sites will also have a 'removal tool' which you should run to confirm you have removed their software. Also be sure you restart after each uninstall of this kind.

I hope this helps,


Mike Dacre
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