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Windows 7/Giving Up on ie11 problem


Thank you for trying to help me. As I told you yesterday, I can't access C:windowslogscbs . I get a message when trying to: Access Denied . So I can't check for the file you refer to because I can't open the folder.
I would agree with you totally about the problem stemming back to ie9 not installing properly causing the present problem with one caveat. Why did ie10 install properly in that case? I'm using ie10 now. At least that is what my computer tells me when I look up the specifications of the computer.
I'm giving up. Either I'll just block all automatic updates and install them manually, or Hide the ie11 update and continue with automatic updates without ie11. Or, I'll pay the money and see if the geek squad can figure it out. I seriously believe that microsoft is trying to cram a browser onto Windows 7 that isn't built for it. There seems to be an inordinate number of users that are having the same problems that I am trying to get ie11 to install. I read as much as I could find about ie11 and it was designed for Windows 8.1. Why Microsoft tried to make it an automatic update for Windows 7 is beyond my comprehension. I certainly have no need or use for ie11.
The rest of my computer works fine. It's basically a nagging problem only because microsoft is making it a problem for me.
Thanks again for trying.

ANSWER: Hi There

very odd you cant access the folder, have you tried changing the permissions?

also I think I have mentioned this one before, but did you try it?~

I have ie11 on mine and it seems fine, I had no issues at all.

I have done some digging online too and there are many with the same issue, some have been able to install in safe mode,have you tried safe mode?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I hope I haven't given you the impression that I know anything about computers. My idea of a true working computer is something like a working toaster. I plug it in. Set the amount of doneness I want simply by turning a dial. Put my bread in. Push the button down. Wait a bit, and toast pops out. I expect when I turn on a computer to have much the same experience. I don't have to download Updates for my toaster. Why should I have to do it for my computer? I don't have to go looking all over for things named with strange abbreviations of unknown parts of programs I have no interest in knowing anything about to use my toaster. Why should I have to go looking all over my computer for these kinds of things?
Sorry, my frustration is getting the better of me (I've been working on this problem for somewhere over 60 hours now over several weeks,) but when you ask me things like "have you tried changing the permissions?" it's like a pig trying to read a book. I have no idea what you are talking about, much less how to do it. I Did download the Hot Fix through the link you referenced. It downloaded and installed properly after several hours, the message stated. I tried installing the ie11 update again after turning off my computer and restarting it with the same results. It failed to install.
I'm in much the same situation concerning knowing anything about Safe Mode that you suggested. I thought I knew how to get into Safe Mode by holding F8 before the computer starts windows. Instead of the Safe Mode screen I have been used to looking at since windows 3.1, I get some kind of box with 3 or 4 items in it that I am supposed to choose between that don't seem to me to have anything to do with Safe Mode. I have tried hitting Enter on them even though I have no idea what they are addressing and the computer just starts windows every time. So, again, if I might be able to install this ie11 update that I never asked for by using Safe Mode, Please tell me How to access Safe Mode.
I have never had to access anything called Safe Mode on my toaster. I just put the bread in, push the button down, and it makes toast. That's all I ask of this device. Just turn it on and it works. Perhaps I ask too much. Recently, a salesperson at a big box electronics store thought he could sell me a new tv by telling me about how great it was that I could Upgrade this particular tv merely by coming into the store every few months, buying a black box for $200, taking out the old, antiquated black box, replace it with the new Upgraded $200 box, and Voila! I'd be a happy guy. I ran screaming out of the store. When I buy things I expect them to work without me having to be a technical genius just to turn the darned things on, and I expect them to be Upgraded without me having to be a technician loaded with money constantly trying to have the newest Upgrade.
Sorry again for the rant, but these "issues" are Not fun for me. I appreciate your help, but I have about had it with trying things I have no idea even how to access.

ANSWER: hi again

You seem to have a good logical mind, ideal for computing.

NTFS file permissions are the back bone of windows NT(win7, server 2008 etc) just google it and you should find some good guides or even on youtube.  I think you meant you couldn't open the cbs.txt file and you could the directory?  but you access permissions by right click and going to "properties"
The update you installed should have created a log in c:\windows\logs\cbs  called checksur.txt open it if you can.

I was working on the theory that when you did your system restore (system restore only changes system files back)although all updates are still showing as installed they infact aren't.  There are a couple of people that have just gone to their updates page and ripped out everything to do with ie9, ie10 and all security updates concerning ie9, ie10 etc and then run windows update again, it seems to work for them.

safe mode, this loads a very basic form of windows, without complex drivers and services running etc it can be a good fall back if your stuck and it will rule out some kind of driver/service conflict.  As you see the BIOS screen start try pressing F5 and wait for the menu and then press F8 for the extended menu, you should be able to load safe mode there.

I understand your patience wearing thin, but in the end youll learn a great deal.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thanks for still trying. No, I was not trying to access cbs.txt. I tried various methods of "cracking" the c:windowslogscbs folder you reference. I do not have a clue what the boxes that appear when I right click the folder and properties are trying to tell me about changing permissions. I look at it from this view. I own this computer. No one else uses it. Why should I have to give myself some kind of special permission to look at files that are mine in my own computer? #Going back to the toaster reference. I don't have to give myself special permission to make toast. I own the toaster. It makes toast when I want it to.# Anything I do think I tried to change in the permissions gains me the same thing: Access Denied. However, I noticed listed on the same page as that folder was a file titled checksur.log. I tried it and could see it. I have attached a screen shot of it. It appears to me to show several errors. I have no idea what they mean or what to do with them though. Maybe you can make some sense of them.
I wouldn't trust myself to be able to figure out which updates to uninstall from the updates history #IF they are even there.# I can read the ones that say ie9 install or some such, but the rest is unintelligible gibberish to me. Do any of these programmers speak regular English?
Speaking of programmers and such, why would they design a system that tells me that certain updates are installed when in fact they are not? Which part of the logs in my computer am I supposed to believe? Then if I Do decide to trust one or the other and uninstall something that supposedly is not even there, re-install the update, and check my updates log after that, can I truly Know it is installed in the computer This time, or are they just faking me out again?
I accessed Safe Mode the old fashioned way. I turned off the power before shutting down. I selected Safe Mode when the screen to choose appeared. I tried to bring up Windows Updates, but they evidently cannot be shown in Safe Mode. If I can't even access the updates, how am I supposed to download and install the troublesome ie11 browser from Safe Mode?
Thank you for the compliment concerning logic. I have 2 degrees that basically majored in logic. I taught logic in a college. Logic has nothing to do with today's computers. If you'd like an example of that fact, see your reply to me that states "...all updates are still showing as installed they in fact aren't." That's the opposite of logic. Logic would be, If the logs say the updates are installed, they are. Logic at one time was used as a language to build and even program the first computers #some of which I actually worked on that ran with vacuum tubes and electromechanical relays.# This stuff today that's being used on present computers defies logic. It's chaos. You cannot have part of a system stating one thing and another part of the same system stating the polar opposite and call it logic.
I understand about learning a great deal. Unfortunately, as I found as an instructor, if someone doesn't have any interest in learning something, they won't. I'm in that position.
Thanks again for trying to help. I keep digging a deeper hole.

hi bob

I have just seen the checksur.log  it is indicating corruption and missing manifests and interesting that it is pointing to ie.

what you need to do is to reset your update catalogs, I wont bore you with all the hassel of doing it manually, I have found a visual basic script that will do it all for you, please goto

its says windows 8 at the top, it works for 7, yes I have tried it.  download the tool where it says to click, unzip and run the vbs file as admin(right click, runas admin)

let it run its course, reboot if it says and then run windows update again, this will take a while but just leave it finish.

let me know how you get on



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