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Windows 7/ie11 update problems


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Had to start a new thread again. Thank you for the link you sent me. It sounds ideal for my problem with updates. However, I don't think I did something correctly because the download (if it actually Did download) only took a few seconds. I tried installing the ie11 update after the program did something and still the same result, Install Failed. I have attached 2 screen shots from a file that appeared on my desktop after I thought I ran the download from the link. Evidently it did do something, but from what you said about it taking awhile I'm not sure I ran it correctly.
If you can tell something from the attached file, please let me know what it means. If I didn't do something correctly, Please give me step by step instructions on what to click to run it. I found on the website where to click to download the program because there was a box that appeared that asked me if I wanted to Run it or Save it. I clicked Run. However, after that I don't understand your instructions because I am ignorant. I don't know what unzip means. I didn't see anything that said Unzip. There were 2 files or folders that appeared. I chose the one that had a vbs in it on the chance that was the one you were talking about. The run as admin thing still makes me scratch my head. I found something when right clicking the file or folder that had something to do with vbs that had several tabs on it. I tried Security. I clicked Admin and clicked OK. After that things blinked on and off my screen and soon a message appeared that stated I had to restart the computer to have something happen #I'm not sure what.) That was all in a matter of a few seconds. When things settled down after the computer restarted I tried Windows Updates again. It only listed 2 updates available. One for some Defender thing and the other was the troublesome ie11 update. I clicked the ie11 update. Tried to install it and as I said, it failed.
From what I read on the website about the program it's supposed to be EASY to run and it would appear from the creator's statements that it Would solve all my update problems automatically. I'd be ecstatic if it actually did that. Like I said, I must have done something wrong because it was too quick and nothing changed except I have this windowsupdate.log on my desktop now. I think you are on to something that Will help me, however, I need some interpretation of the whole undertaking.
Thank you for hanging in there with me.

hi again

ok then  i just went through your steps and i think it did do it ok, along as there were no errors reported when it was trying to stop services and rename directories(this is the main black window that appeared).  you could run the whole thing again if you wish.  i think you must have done it anyway but you do have to manually close the dos window(2nd box that appeared) that does the "performing system checks"  also did that report any errors?

could you please install the defender thing first?

also at the end of the script it asks if you want to run a couple of things, click yes to everything, i think you have already downloaded and it merely runs them again, the "system update readyness tool" is what creates the checksur.txt log file

i would like to take a better look at the log files, could you forward:

C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.persist.log  just the latest one, it will be zipped

also the windows update log the script saved on your desktop

don't worry if you cant find any and they might end with .txt and not .log  again don't worry

forward them to


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