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Windows 7/IE11 Update problems


I had to start another thread since I guess we used up the available Ask another Question's again. I tried running the KB2729094 download that you sent me the link to. It came back with "This update is not applicable to your computer." I checked the Details of the download and noted it was for x86 systems. Mine is x64 so I found the correct download for that, KB2868116. Ran that. Got a message, "Already installed on this computer." I know I have an authentic version of Windows 7 x64 for one reason because the computer has never had problems with updates before, and I think the update software checks for authentication every time it updates. I haven't had any problems with any updates until this ie11 one. I bought the computer new from Best Buy 3 years ago. They loaded the authentic version at that time. I do agree that the authentication software in my computer May be corrupted or missing for some strange reason, But after I Restored it back to a month ago last week and had to load all the accumulated updates in the queue, they all downloaded (albeit with a little prodding for a few) until I tried the ie11 update again. By applying logic in that case, wouldn't it neccessarily mean that the authentication software was there and not corrupted at least until I tried the ie11 update since the rest of the updates evidently verified the authenticity just before that? Nothing that I know of happened to the computer with the exception of downloading the updates because I did it on the same afternoon with nothing else on the computer. In that case, the only conclusion I can make is either that isn't the issue, OR the update downloaded just prior to the ie11 update is somehow corrupting the authentication software. Have I sent you enough logs to check that if possible? If not, please let me know what you need. I think you are close to figuring this out. We are just missing some piece of the puzzle. Thank you for continuing to assist me.

ANSWER: hello again

sorry about the link, I was intending it to be the x64 one. im baffled how I did that!?  I think issue is some kind of certification issue, it says it in the ei11_main.log.  The software is the Microsoft "genuine advantage" I believe

As far as I can make out Microsoft changed the download link some time ago, it could be that when you rolled back it has remembered the old link and gets stuck in a catch 22, I have found another link:

I think you have installed already:

It is also somewhat annoying that Microsoft does not give much information about the updates either, I would like files paths and sizes, modification dates etc then we could start checking your drive manually, but alas not.

Its just a process of elimination and it is much harder to do when your not sat at the PC.  what we do know is that your windows update software is fine and the installation package isn't corrupt because you have tried it manually, so now the focus is on "genuine advantage"



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Thank you for continuing to try to help me. I downloaded the first link you listed yesterday after I found the x86 download was the incorrect one. I tried the second link you listed (KB2661254). After it loaded, upon installation a message appeared that said that download was already in my computer too.
If you have any other recommendations, please let me know. I know this must be a minor issue that is difficult to dig out. It seems that Microsoft would have a simple program that I'd be able to download that would check that all the necessary items are in the registry, the version of Windows is valid, the required updates are where they should be, and anything else required to download an update, and then issue a report if it found anything out of place. Sort of similar to what my Kaspersky anti-virus program does after performing a system check. To take it one logical step further, if Microsoft Would have such a program, having either an automatic correction part after the scan, or at the least instructions listed on how to resolve any issues, would be ideal.
I suppose I'm just dreaming.

ANSWER: hello

the first link:

this clearly states that it is for x64?

has the ie11_main log changed in any way since installing?

also there are some logs  C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\


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latest ie11 log
latest ie11 log  

next to last ie11 log
next to last ie11 log  
The link you asked me about ending in =30566 clearly states in the Details it is for x64. I tried downloading it again and got the same message: Already Installed. I tried opening the C:WindowsLogsCBS that you asked about. A message box appeared that said Access Denied.
I can't answer you about if the ie11_main.log changed any since installing. The reason is I don't know how to compare before and after because the download was already in my computer and I don't know when it might have been installed since it did nothing upon trying it several times now in the past couple of weeks except always state, Already Installed.
I checked for new updates available and there were about a dozen. I thought perhaps I would download and install those trying to accomplish 2 things. First was to see if any of them failed to install to see if there is something in authentication or elsewhere that would stop them from installing. Second reason was to see if after downloading them and restarting my computer if perhaps Microsoft had placed a fix in the new updates for the problem with installing ie11. All of the updates installed easily with no apparent problems. Which leads me to believe there isn't a problem with any of the software that searches through the system to assure everything is in place for installing new updates. Then I tried installing the ie11 update again. It again failed to install. I copied the last 2 pages of the ie11_main.log and attached them here for you to take a look at. Capture #4 shows an Error when trying to install the ie11 update. Capture #5 shows some kind of Error during the download and installation of the other dozen or so updates, but as I stated they still installed easily.
Thank you for continuing to try to help me. If there is anything else I can provide, please let me. I hope the logs provide at least a clue to you about how to remedy this situation.

hi there

you should have a "checksur.txt" in C:\windows\logs\cbs

as far as I understand it each application/install has a signature, that's why everything else works apart from ie11. There must be something wrong with ie11, or thinking about it something wrong with your ie9 install.

What you could try is to remove ie9 completely and the re download and install it again, check for updates again and then try and install ie11. It could be that your ie9 is missing a patch or something and so windows fails to install ie11 over the top of it.



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