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Windows 7/issue with slow Windows 7 file indexing


My Dell Inspiron 620 computer is a little over a year old, 3 GHZ processor and 8 GM Ram, it should not have any speed issues.

But when I navigate to folders that have a lot of files (say over 1000), it takes close to a minute to index and sort them (the green bar runs from left to right as it's working) for the first time during a work session. After that it's immediate.

Other than reducing the number of files per folder, is there any fixes you can recommend?

Hello Theo
I don't think it has to do with the # of files , I have folders that contains more than 8000 files in there and they still open fine
but I can think of one little thing if you go to that folder and you right click on and choose properties then goto customize tab and make sure that " optimize this folder for" general items and then click apply and see if that fixes it , if its already set to general items try something else like documents and click apply then see if that makes a difference  and if you have subfolders in it make to sure to check the box also apply this template to all subfolders.

ill research other reasons or possibilities of why its it slow to load and ill let you know . usually if there are pictures in there the thumbnail preview makes it slow to populate the lists and you can fix that by clicking on organize and then view tab and then checking the box always show icons never thumbnails  and click apply/ok  

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