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Hello Saed,
I have been using "Malwarebytes" lately due to having had a Trojan horse sent to me. Just now, Malwarebytes found around 100 or more files named: PUP. OptionalMultiE / PUP. Optional ConduitA/ - Optional.Search Protect.A. Could you inform me what these files are and possibly how to prevent them getting into my computer?
Many Thanks, Ken.

Hello Kenneth
they are  spyware and adware programs , they try to trick people to buy fake stuff , usually most of them get installed when you get infected with a Trojan , as long as the Trojan doesn't exist anymore malwarebytes should have got rid of them completely otherwise the Trojan will try to push me again

to protect your self from there kind of viruses and malwares , make sure you antivirus is up to date , run routine scans like once a week , do not download everything you see online , anddownload programs from trusted sources.

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