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Hello Kevin,
I have been using "Malwarebytes" lately due to having had a Trojan horse sent to me. Just now, Malwarebytes found around 100 or more files named: PUP. OptionalMultiE / PUP. Optional ConduitA/ - PUP.Optional.Search Protect.A. Could you inform me what these files are and possibly how to prevent them getting into my computer?
Many Thanks, Ken.

Hi Kenneth,
First of all if you are not using an anti-virus you should be using that as well as malwarebytes.  Malwarebytes is an anti-malware not an anti-virus.  I use AVG along side malwarebytes.

PUP Stands for Potentially Unwanted Program.  They could be anything from web browser toolbars to remote support software or any number of other things.  Usually PUP is a piece of software that could be a risk but is not guaranteed to.

PUP could be installed with other applications usually with freeware.   Make sure you read all messages when installing new software.

As far as what each individual one is I don't know.  I do not research them when they are discovered unless they are problematic to remove.

I use Spybot Search and Destroy, Malwarebytes and the antivirus that is installed on the system to clean them up of malware.  What ever they find I have them remove them.  I have never run into a situation where I regretted removing everything.


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