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Hello Power Edge,
I have been using "Malwarebytes" lately due to having had a Trojan horse sent to me. Just now, Malwarebytes found around 100 or more files named: PUP. OptionalMultiE / PUP. Optional ConduitA/ - Optional.Search Protect.A. Could you inform me what these files are and possibly how to prevent them getting into my computer?
Many Thanks, Ken.

hi there

malwarebytes is a great tool, I use it all the time.  a lot of web sites are booby trapped, it depends what type of sites you goto, the only way to avoid is to only goto sites such as bbc news, sky news etc.  you can get a real time shield that will scan web sites content, I have such a shield with Avast free.

Those files you listed look like browser add ons, where get search bars at the top your browser, a real pain, I get these myself when im inpatient and install new software but im such a hurry I don't uncheck the tick boxes to install a load of useless tool bars!

so when you install things, even off well known companies, remember to check every "next" screen for tick boxes.  

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