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Hello Mike,
I have been using "Malwarebytes" lately due to having had a Trojan horse sent to me. Just now, Malwarebytes found around 100 or more files named: PUP. OptionalMultiE / PUP. Optional ConduitA/ - Optional.Search Protect.A. Could you inform me what these files are and possibly how to prevent them getting into my computer?
Many Thanks, Ken.

Hello Kenneth

Actually I have found that it is best to not ask the question "why ask why" and simply use the correct tools to remove the nasty stuff.  How they get in is by normal web surfing and accidental clicking on various pop up/advertisements as well as installing software that incorporates tracking of your internet activities. Although this may sounds scary, some is quite normal whereas others are not and this is why using programs like Malwarebytes is a good thing, since the database is always being updated with the latest 'malware notifiers' that it then removes.

I might suggest visiting my website at and read my TIPS page on OPTIMIZING your computer. Then go to the SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page where I suggest installing all the items from the PINK section as they will give you the best solution to handle the ongoing cleaning/removal and maintenance while providing you with a secure, clean and optimized computer.  
Things like NOT using the Internet Explorer web browser for example, I have learned by implementing this with my own clients to use CHROME as your main browser, has resulted in a drop in malicious software installation on a system by over 70%. The fact that you can't very well remove the internet explorer as it is integrated with windows, you can choose to use an auxiliary browser for those times when a website simply won't appear correctly with Chrome and for that I suggest the AVANT BRowser as it emulates the internet explorer exactly. However I still suggest using CHROME as your main browser.

I do believe my tip on optimizing as well as the software such as CCLEANER and what you are already using "malwarebytes" is a very good start in keeping your system free and clear from the malware/spyware that gets in to your system over time.

Note that although the software is free, these companies do provide a 'pro' version which in all cases I never recommend, as all that does is set up automatic scanning and monitoring (which slows your system down). You are better to use these as tools that you run whenever you notice things aren't quite right, whether that be at the end of each day or weekly..

I hope this helps

Sincerest Regards and Happy Holidays!

Mike Dacre
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