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I have a question on after-formatting the computer. I use Windows 7 64 bit OS. Because of some hardware issues, in the past I needed to format my computer for a lot of times. The real problem comes during installing all software and applications again and again. It is very time consuming. I heard that there are some programs which can create some 'map' or 'image' of all the installed programs and when I reformat my computer, I simply use that image. In nutshell, what I am looking  is: when I want to format my 'C' partition, I will use one of such software and will enter into boot environment of the software and then I will select image of the partition to restore. And so I will get Windows and all programs installed on the system. A catch here is new system should become bootable and the software should not just copy data from image to newly formatted 'C' drive.

Please suggest special purpose programs and not functions of Windows itself.

I am not a computer geek. So, can you suggest me what are these programs? I really need some advise on this. Thanks a lot in advance.

hi there

programs such as Ghost are good for taking an image of your drive, although you could even just use windows backup?  images are usually used kept by large organisations for when they add to their network and keep many on a network server, the pc boots using the PXE boot ROM, gets a dhcp IP address and then uses tftp to download an image.

There is also a bootloader program called Grub that will allow you to select different images if you wish.

But im baffled as the why you need to keep reformatting your hard drive,  there should be no need to keep doing this.  Perhaps a better idea is get to the bottom of your issues?



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