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I have a question on after-formatting the computer. I use Windows 7 64 bit OS. Because of some hardware issues, in the past I needed to format my computer for a lot of times. The real problem comes during installing all software and applications again and again. It is very time consuming. I heard that there are some programs which can create some 'map' or 'image' of all the installed programs and when I reformat my computer, I simply use that image. In nutshell, what I am looking  is: when I want to format my 'C' partition, I will use one of such software and will enter into boot environment of the software and then I will select image of the partition to restore. And so I will get Windows and all programs installed on the system. A catch here is new system should become bootable and the software should not just copy data from image to newly formatted 'C' drive.

Please suggest special purpose programs and not functions of Windows itself.

I am not a computer geek. So, can you suggest me what are these programs? I really need some advise on this. Thanks a lot in advance.

Hello Andrew

Yes absolutely, the image creation is the best way to back up your system locally so that in a pinch, you can simply restore the image and everything is back just the way it was.  I call it a one-two punch, along with the off-site backup which is backing up your personal data off-site all of the time (so long as you are connected to the internet).. this is the ultimate protection for your data. Since backing up locally is fine, so long as you don't have a problem with the hard drive and/or external drive down the road. Especially in the case of natural or not so natural disaster like theft, the off-site backup method will ensure you can recover your data.  That is probably the biggest problem with backups done locally. People go out and buy the external USB drive from Coscto.. a whopping 2 TB backup drive so that they can back everything up and then learn that their house was broken in to and they lost their computer and the backup drive.. so much for backing things up.. or even worse you do have that fire or flood and all electronics are lost.. so much for that backup.. not to bum you out here but what I am proposing is the one-two punch..

For all of my clients I use Paragon's Hard Drive manager suite to create backup images. I then also use Backblaze offsite backup to ensure their data is safe.   That way, if I had to replace a dead hard drive I can restore the image (that I had created to their external drive) and then using the restore feature of the offsite "backblaze", restore all data that was created since the backup image had been created.  That is the one problem when creating any backup file.. there is always going to be new files that are not on that image, until the next time you create one. That is where the offsite backup is your best friend.

So what I suggest you do is first go to Paragon's website and download/install the Hard drive Manager Suite and utilize it by either creating a backup image to an external USB drive or use the software to create a backup capsule partition on the existing internal drive so that you can create the backup image. As well, go to backblaze and install the offsite backup. Use my referral code as it always helps..

The Paragon software will set you back $50 as well as the Backblaze subscription for 1 year (however you can lower this to under $4/month by getting a 2 year subscription.. I like to explain this to my clients as the price of 1 Large Starbucks coffee per month to know that your data is completely safe, no matter what happens to your computer.. Also remember with the offsite backup you get additional features like remote file recovery and, if your system did get stolen, you would have the ability to find it again the moment the loser thief plugged it in to the internet so it is like having an insurance policy as well.   This means for $100 you are protecting your invested money in to the computer and data you have already created.. remember you can't replace those photos!

Click on the following links to visit these websites..

Click on the following link for Paragon's Hard Disk Manager:

Click on the following link for the Backblaze offsite backup installation.. which provides you with a 14 day free trial as well:

you may also want to visit my website at for more TIPS and SOFTWARE SUPPORT which if you visit the OPTIMIZING TIP, will learn how to keep your system free and clear from the malware/spyware that causes so many problems, slowdowns and headaches!

I hope this helps


Mike Dacre
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