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Windows 7/slow Windows 7 file indexing?


My Dell Inspiron 620 computer is about a year old, 3 GHZ processor and 8 GM Ram, should not have any speed issues.

However, when I navigate to folders that have a lot of files (over 1000), it takes a around a minute to index and sort them (the green bar runs from left to right as it's working) for the first time during a work session. After that it's immediate.

Is this normal? Other than creating subfolders, is there any fix you know of?

Hi Theo,
Yes this is normal.  I have three fairly decent computers running Windows 7 and everyone of them and every one I have worked on does the same thing.

The best thing that you can do is keep your hard drive defragmented.  I use defraggler which can be downloaded here


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