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QUESTION: Hello, I plan to use my main computer as a server but am unsure as to whether to use Mirror Raid. I currently have a 250gb hard drive (windows) 400gb (backup). I plan to buy 2x 2tb hard drives to use in the server and want to know how best to deploy them so that I run the least chance of losing any data in the future.

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ANSWER: I would go with RAID 1 if I were you.  Redundancy is always better than performance when it comes to home servers.  You will have more than enough space with 2TB.  

Will you plan on buying more in the future?  If so, you can always try RAID 10, which is RAID 0 for performance, plus RAID 1 for redundancy if you had a total of 4x 2TB drives.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your answer. I may possibly add another 2 drives at a later date. Is it easy to go from raid 1 to raid 10 or would that involve formatting etc. Also how easy is Windows Home Server in terms of an operating system?

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Raid is something that you setup at the very beginning, and usually requires formatting.  As far as Home Server goes, its as easy as you can get between a Microsoft server.  If you are just using it for home use, it will suit your needs just fine.  It will not do anything more than be a server, however.  It won't be something you can use as a primary OS.

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