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Windows 7/Windows Raid or Windows Home Server?



I want to use our main desktop pc to create a mirror array with two 2GB sata hard drives so that I can backup all the other computers in the house. But was not sure whether to stick with windows 7 Ultimate if it is feasible to backup to that array, or whether to install windows home server and keep it as a dedicated server. Your help/input would be greatly appreciated.

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ANSWER: Hello Robert

Keep it simple.. go with the Windows Home Server (it rocks!) and with the 2 drives, use only one for your backups and the second as the server backup (microsoft shadow copy) .. don't worry it just works.. you can then set up each computer on a scheduled backup or do it manually whenever you like and the server will do the rest. I have been very happy with my home server with absolutely no complaints.  Reading the forums however, I see many people have issue when they start creating raids.. nowadays this is simply not necessary when we are dealing with 1 and 2 TB drives.. no point!

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QUESTION: Hi Mike thank you for your reply. I just have one further question. In the computer that I intend to use as my home server I already have a 250GB Hard drive (windows) and a 400GB Hard Drive (Backup). So I could theoretically use the 250gig for home server and the 400gig for server backup. Leaving the two 2TB drives for mirror array. Would this be a better setup? also do you know of a good resource online about windows home server.

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Hello again Robert

Actually you can do away with one of the drives.. It is good to have the WHS on its own partition, if not its own drive and 250gb is plenty, however obviously if you are going to have a spare drive then it would make sense to use the 400gb for WHS and one of the 2TB for your data then the second 2TB drive as the server backup (this backs up both WHS partition and data so if the WHS is not a separate partition, but rather a complete drive, no problem).

When the server is performing its daily backup it is not only backing up your other computers but its own o/s and data.

As for forums, I have generally just done the Google Search whenever I had some strangeness occur to get solutions.  Of course microsoft technet is always of some use.  But since you have AllExperts, why go any place else?!

This is the direct link to Microsoft Windows Home Server support:

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