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Introducing Windows Operating Systems
Introducing Windows Op  
Would you mind helping me with this?

Hello Erick

Not quite sure what help you require. The table you have taken a picture of is showing you the different keyboard shortcuts and what you should do is press on the keys shown and make a note of what each does. Try it for yourself and make a note of what happens when you do it. Then you can decide if that shortcut is something you might find yourself using more often

Cut/Copy/Paste are probably the most common (ctrl-x, ctrl-c, ctrl-v) but there are many others.  Probably the one key that will become the absolute most important, especially when you do get stuck on what to do next is the F1 key. This is the HELP key no matter where you are, pressing F1 will bring up the specific help to that area. If you press F1 while nothing is open, from your desktop, you will get the table of contents on help for your computer where you can then search for what it is you are having troubles with or need more information.

If you visit my website at you will find many more TIPS including how to OPTIMIZE your computer and keep it safe from the malware/spyware that tends to take over a computer that does not get the routine maintenance. You can then visit the SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page and install all the items from the PINK section as they will help with is as well.

I hope this helps,


Mike Dacre
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