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I could not find any experts in google chrome category. I hope you can help if possible.

I am using Windows 7 Premium 64bit edition.
When I use google chrome version 24 and above, whenever I click on a link which opens in another tab, the existing tab, and practically everything will freeze/hang. This also happens whenever there is a pop up. In order to get out of the situation I have to close it and reopen. And the problem will arise if I do the same thing again.

This does not happen in ver 23. I've already disabled the embedded pepperflash and downloaded and enabled the external plugin from adobe in chrome://plugins. Problem still persist.

I am back to using chrome ver 23.0.1271.97. No problem at all. I like google chrome because it's fast but I'll like to have the latest version if possible.

Thank you. Your reply is very much appreciated.


ANSWER: Hello Mathew
usually extensions causes this problem so the first thing I would do is to disable/remove all extensions available or disable them one by one to see which one is causing a problem  in google chrome
this happened to me on one of my test machines running widows 8 and the addons that was causing the problem was the free download manager , as soon as I removed it it worked fine but in your case it could be the same addon or different addons or non at all

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QUESTION: Hello Saed

Thanks for your reply. May I ask;

Should I also disable all the plug-ins also as in chrome://plugins, or only the extension. I checked my extension in the wrench menu and I have 1 extension, ie Internet download manager.

I only get this problem in version 24 and 25.


hello mathew
yes also try disabling the plugins too one by one and see what is causing the problem

if non helped trying using google chrome 26 beta

see if the problem is resolved in the beta version if so u can skip 24 and 25 until 26th is released
good luck  

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