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Windows 7/google chrome freezes


Hi Mike

I could not find any experts in google chrome category. I hope you can help if possible.

I am using Windows 7 Premium 64bit edition.
When I use google chrome version 24 and above, whenever I click on a link which opens in another tab, the existing tab, and practically everything will freeze/hang. This also happens whenever there is a pop up. In order to get out of the situation I have to close it and reopen. And the problem will arise if I do the same thing again.

This does not happen in ver 23. I've already disabled the embedded pepperflash and downloaded and enabled the external plugin from adobe in chrome://plugins. Problem still persist.

I am back to using chrome ver 23.0.1271.97. No problem at all. I like google chrome because it's fast but I'll like to have the latest version if possible.

Thank you. Your reply is very much appreciated.


Hello Matthew

Yes, Chrome is by far the best web browser on the internet these days and the fact that it is automatically updating is also nice. However due to the nature of Chrome and how it utilizes plug-ins, it may be necessary to first uninstall chrome completely and then reinstall the latest version.  As for disabling 'pepperflash? I have never heard of that.. but FLASH is quite common.. I suggest removing pepper flash altogether and going with the industry standard Flash by adobe.

I also suggest visiting my website at and reading my TIPS page on OPTIMIZING your computer, then go to the SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page where I suggest installing all the programs from the PINK section. CCLEANER is very good at keeping your system clean and by using the CCLEANER tools, you can disable items in start up that are not necessary to be running on start up.  Malwarebytes will do a very good job of removing any and all malware that also can be causing your freezing issues.  Finally, within chrome's extensions be sure you have all of them DISABLED initially to see if that helps. Also be careful of just which extensions you use and just how many.. pop up blockers are generally bad (ad blocker included).

To perform a clean uninstall of chrome, follow these instructions:

Hope this helps,


Mike Dacre
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