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QUESTION: For versions of internet explorer that don't have drop down menus, how does one save a website? I need to save my carfax page to get it to another computer that doesn't have internet, but does have a printer.

ANSWER: Hi James,

Do you want to save the website or get a printout of it? If you want a printout and it doesn't have a menu, try hitting Ctrl + P on  your keyboard to see if it shows the print dialog box. Or right click on the title (blue bar on top) bar to see if it has an option to show the menus.


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QUESTION: I don't see anything of use on the bar above the browser other than the forward and backward arrows. I need to save the webpage on this computer, put it on a flash drive, and load it onto my computer with Windows XP and a printer attached to it. I need to save and print it, but on two different computers. The XP computer does not have internet.

Does hitting the Ctrl and P button on the keyboard bring up a printer dialog box? If so, I suggest converting that webpage into a PDF file so you can put it on a flash drive and copy it to the other computer with the printer. Do you have Adobe Acrobat installed? If not, use CutePDF to convert it. You can get it for free at:

Once installed, go to that webpage and hit Ctrl + P and instead of selecting a printer, select CutePDF (or Adobe Acrobat if you have that instead). It will ask you where you want to save the PDF file to. Save it on your desktop and then transfer it to the flash drive.


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