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Deanie Smith Molloy

I have a problem. Anyone there? I have purchased a download of some sermons in mp3. After I download them to my computer, they are labeled Mp2s? I want to burn a cd. I did, but they won't play on any other cd player. They play fine on the computer, tho. I wondered if their downloading as mp2s is a problem? I did notice the burning was really fast, but when I burned a music cd, it went the way that I was familiar with and worked fine.

Hello Jobeth
it could be that the cd players you have doesnt support mp2s so you may need to convert them to mp3 before you burn them

you can use that tool to convert them to mp3s

or double check the website you downloaded them from if they offer an option to download them directly as mp3s

also you may want to double check that the other cd player can play mp3 not only audio cds " music cd" usually a cd player that supports mp3 has a MP3 Logo on it somewhere on the box. because if it doesnt  mp2 or mp3 wont work on it at all

if you need more help please feel free to contact me back anytime
have a good day.

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