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I think this is a Microsoft issue but if you can help I'd appreciate it.  I (accidentally) put the slide show on as my screen saver.  As the pictures changed I saw one of myself.  It was taken about 10 years ago at a circus and I'm sitting with a bunch of clowns (real ones)Here's the thing: I've never scanned that picture into my computer or sent it to anyone-I don't even know how to do that.  I didn't give the hard copy picture to anyone either, except maybe my mother though I don't remember doing it.  How in the world did my picture get on that slide show?? I deleted it from mine because it was freaking me out.  In its place now is a small rectangle picture of one of the clowns with green hair.  Does everyone have my picture on their screensaver options??  PS I'm not afraid of clowns so this is not some delusion :)  Thanks for your time.

Thank you for your question!  

It seems like an unfortunate situation you are in, indeed!

I am not sure as to how a hard copy picture appeared on your computer.  It would have had to have been scanned in by someone (maybe a family member playing a joke?).

Rest assured, there is no possible way for private documents on your computer (pictures or otherwise) to be available on any other computer.  Unless, of course, you have a virus that is spreading them (although highly unlikely).  If you believe it could be a virus, however, feel free to send a response and I will guide you step-by-step for removing it!

If you have any other problems in the future, feel free to ask!

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