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QUESTION: Hello  Chris
I run Win 7 Home Edition on a stand alone pc with intrrnet access
On the pc i have my admin account snd several standard accounts, one of thesr being mine.
Is there a way a locking out what a user can run / open?
So i can tailor what each user can / cannot do or access etc

Many thanks


ANSWER: Thanks for your question, Roger.

To get a better idea on what you are trying to accomplish, do you want something like an application filter where you can say yes/no on what applications a certain user can run?  Or do you want something along the lines of them not being able to install software, etc.  Just a basic outline would be good, then I can help you further.


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QUESTION: Hello Chris
I guess both if poss.
Being new to this, just want to secure the account down, if there is such a way?

Thank you

In most cases, the easiest way to secure other (non-administrator) accounts is to simply make them regular users.  That way, anytime one of those accounts would want to make critical system changes (installing a program, etc), they would require your administrator account password.  This is pretty much as secure as default software goes (along with parental controls).  If you would like me to look into software to install for accomplishing similar tasks, I will be more than happy to do so!

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