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Windows 7/VGA Driver needs an update..


I cannot open olympus ib program.It just says not responding.

I started the computer in safe mode and tried to open the program and the message I got was as follows:

1.Your VGA driver needs an update. 2. There is not enough VRAM in your VGA card. 3. Remote Desktop under Windows XP is not allowed.

My driver is up-to-date and I have enough VRAM.
I am using windows 7.

I also have the same with windows explorer not responding every so often.
Adobe Flash also crashes all the time.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your question!

 The problem you are experiencing is because you booted in safe mode.  When booting in safe mode, it disables all advanced functionality of your computer (including all drivers, etc.) and runs in bare minimum for debugging purposes.  This makes all programs think you are incredibly out of date when you may not be.
 As for the Olympus program itself, I would recommend reinstalling it.  When a program stops responding for no reason, that usually indicates a problem with the program itself.

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