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I have an hp pc that had windows 7 preinstalled with all kinds of crap.  I purchased a win 7 dvd full program and I just wondered how to do a fresh install.  Can I just pop the disc in and go or do I have to format the hard drive, erase it or what?  I just want to start out fresh and do it right.  Thanks for you help in advance.

Hi Amanda,
I fully agree with reinstalling Windows to "degunk" your computer.  That is the first thing I do when I buy a new computer.

You will need to insert the DVD, then make sure that the computer boots off the DVD not the hard drive.  Every computer has a different method to choose a different boot device.  Asus for example uses F8, HP uses F9, Dell F12 etc.  Check your manufacturers manual or watch your screen closes for how to change your boot device for one boot.

Once you have gotten the computer to boot off the DVD everything is pretty simple from there.  When you get to the section where you select the location to install Windows select the advanced option then delete all the partitions then continue with the installation.  The installation will take it from there.

I hope I have answered your question.  If I have not feel free to ask a follow up.


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