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I have a Dell 6 G RAM running Windows 7 Home.  My problem is that when I operate a browser (explorer or firefox) everything works fine.  Whether I close the browser or leave it open, if I leave the machine and come back later, I find the browser frozen.  If I have explorer open, I can close it, but then it doesn't re-open.  If it is firefox, it won't close, and in either case, the only way I can start browsing again is to physically turn off the machine and turn it on again.  When I try to do this by clicking "re-start" the computer won't shut down; it hangs up in the process of shutting down.  Also, when the browsers don't work, I find that my Open Office program doesn't work either (or any other).  
This started about 5/17 when Windows sent me an upgrade.  I tried system restore to before that date, but that didn't help.  There are no error messages.  Any thoughts?

Hello Don,

NB:Please attempt this only after backing up your bookmarks from the relative browsers.

If I may ask, have you tried removing and reinstalling the browsers?
If not yet, please do.
If so, now try deleting the relative folders(of the uninstalled programs) from the "Program Files" or "Program Files x86" folder within the default drive- X:\ ?
If not yet, please do.
If the symptoms persist, please run a Disk Check on the default drive X:\ to repair the registry.


1. Open "My Computer" and right click on the primary drive letter e.g. C:\
2. Select "Properties" and click on the "Tools" tab
3. Click on "Check" and accept by clicking on OK
4. Click OK
5. Restart

Awaiting the results here.

Kind Regards,

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