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I have this new (used) HP computer running windows 7 and it is not doing what I would like.

I would like to keep a flash drive plugged in all the time, but if I have one in at startup the computer attempts to boot from it and stalls out. My current idea of a solution is to go to the bios and change the boot order to CD rom, hard disk and only then (if at all) the flash drives.

With the above in mind I thought I should have a recovery disk. When I go through the series of Windows menus to get to the backup section, I am told that the backup is to a "New Volume (E:) that is disconnected. Clicking on the system repair disk option has the computer tell me that I do not have a CD Rom disk drive and so of course it will not make a backup disk.

Meanwhile when I select the Start > Computer display (Windows Explorer), I see a C: hard disk, and a D: CD rom drive. I read things from the CD drive, but I have never written to it. In a test I attempted to do a copy-paste from the hard drive to the CD rom drive. That produced no error messages, but no actions either except for a light blue shading that spread across the address desplay and eventually stalls out.

When I attempt to open a blank CD with the system explorer I am told to "...insert a disk into DVD drive (D:)" At that point the instruction sequence stalls out regardless of what I do with the CD drive.

The drive is a LITE-ON DVD SOHD-167T

So, were to go from here? Download a driver? Go to the BIOS and restore to factory settings? They may or may not have been changed.


Hello John

There are a few things to note from the information you have provided. To start with, any new computer that was purchased off the shelf, such as the one you have.. the HP unit, will not have any windows cd and the actual windows operating system along with all the HP "crapware" that comes with the computer is located on a 'system recovery' partition of the existing hard drive typically.  This is sometimes hidden and is only accessible from the bios settings, when you press the appropriate F key such as F9 to enter system recovery mode... for this reason, if you are wanting to create a system recovery disk you will need to use the HP recovery media creation program that should be available from the start menu/all programs (probably in HP)

The fact that you are not seeing the specific drive would be because when the system recovery drive is  mounted, it is then given a drive letter, at which point the cd drive will change from D to E (for example).

What you want to do is go back in to the bios settings and simply choose the first boot method as being your hard drive (the physical drive where your windows operating system is, noting that a USB drive is also considered a hard drive even though it is usb) So once you have selected to boot to hard drive first, there is usually another setting for hard drive select option and that you will want to make sure it is set to your windows hard drive and I would disable the other (the usb drive).. thing is, if you don't have a usb drive plugged in, it may not show up so go ahead and plug a usb drive in if necessary while you do this.. also note that when you enter the bios mode and do exit AND SAVE, you need to restart the system by powering off and then back on so that it re-reads the bios settings. A soft-boot will not work in most cases.

Such website forums like the following may also have some help:

Hope this helps


Mike Dacre
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