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Hello: I have Win 7 Home Premium,4 GB Ram,and a 64 bit operating system.I have a rudimentary knowledge of computers,definitely not an expert.Today,while watching a streaming video called "Ancient Aliens Debunked",my computer froze,and about 20 seconds later,it responded to my moving the mouse,and the cursor jumped across the screen and froze again.If I did not touch the mouse,I got a "no signal" message against a black screen.I am wondering if it was related to the fact the video I was streaming was in HD and full screen? I eventually had to hit the reset button,and rebooted the machine,and windows relaunched successfully.From my description,what do you think was wrong? Thanks!

Thanks for your question, Michael.

Indeed, the no signal message sometimes occurs for a moment when switching screen sizes (such as full screen to non-full screen, etc.).  More specifically, my new monitor does this whenever I switch to or from full screen on YouTube.  However, your computer shouldn't lock up on you when watching a video.

So I can get a better idea of your environment, could you please tell me the following.

When did the problem start happening (such as after changing some type of software,hardware,  etc.)?

Do you frequently update your computer?

Does the problem happen any other time you are watching full screen video, such as Windows Media Player?

Look forward to hearing from you!

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