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I have Flash(USB)disk of 8 GB, first problem was saying that the disk is write protected i could not add or delete anything than i did something on command prompt and now is RAW file system, when i insert it ask me to format i am trying to format but still will not format because of system files, in my computer it shows Removable Disk, I'm not worried about my files I just wont make my USB disk usable any ideas...

Hi Arben,

RAW means that the thumb drive is not formatted, and must be formatted before it can be used.

If the thumb drive is not readable in Windows you can try to recover your data using a data recovery program, however some of those are not cheap and data recovery does not guarantee that you can get your data back.

If you would like to try a data recovery program I use Get Data Back ( and Restorer (  Get Data Back is about $69 US and Restorer is about $49 to $69 US depending on which version you purchase.

Just remember that data recovery is not guaranteed to get your data back.


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