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I do not know if I asked you for help but I am still having prablems with iE9 and Tabed Browsing.

What I would like to happen is this.

Every Webpage I go to I would like iE9 to put a Tab for it right next to the lest Tab in the Taskbar.

But what is going on is this.

Every Webpage I go to iE9 just replaces the Old Tab in the Task Bar with the New one.

It never just keeps Adding Tabs one right next to the other.

I did go into Tabed Settings and Set it back to Default and no good.

Then I go into Tabed Settings and uncheck Goup Tabs and this is no good.

I even set Open links from other programs in New window and no good.

Then I did open Links from other programs in new Tab in current window and no good.

I can not get the hang of this please help?

hello bob
im not sure if i understood your problem correctly but..

open internet explorer , then hit the alt click and click on tools and then internet options
then under general locate "tabs" and click it and then check the box next to " show previews for individual tabs..." then click ok/apply and see hwo it goes.  

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