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QUESTION: Hi. I'm Jim and I have a moderate knowledge of computers and Windows. The system is 64-bit.
Since March 19, when "Build 7601: Service Pack 1" was installed, all larger files load slower or do not complete the process. I can't watch a typical YouTube video all the way through. I can't download programs such as Java or any extensive text files. With help, I have changed my anti-virus, scanned the system and examined directories, and more, to the point where I am confident it is not a nasty virus. I have scanned the disk for defects and problems and found none. I have thrown out old cookies and whatnot. Other, minor problems have been solved along the way but I still have the bigger problem.   So here is the curious thing: When I start-up in Safe Mode with Networking all the speed returns. BUT, there is no sound. No Photo Viewer. No sleep mode. No installer for Java. Thus I can't very well use this every day. One more thing...   New graphics card drivers were recently installed, also. Do you think I need other kinds of drivers?

ANSWER: Hey, Jim!   Thanks for your question and I appologise for the delay!

To me, your problem almost sounds like you could have a RAM problem (using too much).  What is your current RAM in your computer?

Also, to alleviate memory-hungry programs, click the Start button, go to 'Run' and type "msconfig".  From there, click "Startup" and go through the list, maybe uncheck what you know you don't need.  This could also improve your startup times as well.

But ya, in the meantime, please get back with me on the hardware specs of your computer.

Thanks in advance!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: After I unchecked everything except security and Java updater a lot of things seemed to go faster. But later and today it's back to slow loading again. I don't know what sense that makes.
My RAM is usable 3.75 GB and Windows Experience Index is 3.2 (I don't have a gaming graphics card).

ANSWER: Okay, just to verify one more thing before I get into more in-depth detailing, could you please tell me what your settings are for flash?  To do so, open a YouTube video, for instance.  Right click on the video itself and select "Settings".  When the settings dialogue pops up, click what looks like a folder.  From there, it will say something along the lines of "Local Storage".  You may try increasing that, slightly and tell me if there any improvements.  On a separate note, what type of internet connection are you running?

Thanks for all of the info!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yeah, Chris, that works! I went up to 1 MB on one video and on another (not YouTube) I went to 10 MB. Do you think that the Windows update of March changed these settings, or a new version of Flash did?  

I have a 1 MB per second connection that was recently inspected and given a "port change" since they claimed there was a problem. This was the first attempt to solve the problem because it came on suddenly after 2-plus years of no issues. Unfortunately that was not it and I had to keep looking for answers.

So now....    I don't suppose this adjustment has anything to do with not being able to download larger text files.

Anyway, thanks!

The problems you are experiencing with downloading larger files almost lead me to believe it is a problem with your internet provider.  Unfortunately, I have much experience with this issue.  After a six month battle with my ISP, my download issues resolved themselves.

So, my recommendation would be to contact them.  If the issue isn't resolved by them, I will still be happy to help in whatever way I can.

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