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QUESTION: Hello!  I have Windows 7 and back on March 19th they auto-installed service pack 1 on my computer.  I don't know if this means anything or is a coincidence, but larger files of all types move slowly. I have had help with upgrading my anti-virus and firewall, installing new graphics drivers, cleaning and inspecting the hard drive and reducing the start-up directory. I have 3.75 GB usable RAM. 2.5 G Hz. And just today I have changed from Verison (1 MBPS) to Clear (4+ MBPS)(3 bars of 5).  This last change meant that progress bars and my test YouTube video get farther before they freeze up.  Can you offer any ideas to try?  BTW, in Safe Mode videos will play, but with no audio, and Windows installer does not function, so I still can't install Java or Flash.
         Thanks,  - Jim S.

ANSWER: Hello Jim

I suggest visiting my website at and read the TIPS page on OPTIMIZING your computer. Then go to the SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page and install all the items from the PINK section as they will help with the cleaning/removal and ongoing maintenance from the malware/spyware issues.  CCLEANER and MALWAREBYTES work best and if you use the TOOLS/STARTUP within CCLEANER you can disable items from start up that are not necessary.  To check your internet speeds go to as that will give you the ping as well as up and down. Ping by the way, is the amount of time it takes your computer to hit the internet server and if this is above 50ms then your internet provider should be aware.. Be sure to run it a few times to confirm. If you find your ping is consistently above 100ms then I would be calling your internet provider. Typically 35-50ms is best and what it should be.  When you mention how many bars you are getting, that tells me you are connecting through a wireless router and the bars are a very basic way to tell you the signal strength. The further you are away, this will also slow down your internet speed. Depending on the wireless router, Wireless N being the standard these days, which will give a throughput of 300mbps not that you will probably ever see that on your internet connection but this will have an effect on watching videos on youtube for example, as the more bandwidth you have, the less caching of video is required (stop and starts)

SP1 for windows 7 is a must and you may find that if you just got that update, you should be going back to the windows update site numerous times and probably having to shut down as well, to allow some updates to completely install.

I hope this all helps


Mike Dacre
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QUESTION: Hi Mike.  Glad you're back.  I did several things you mentioned--those I hadn't done before, or not recently. Some of them helped somewhat. I only have 2 security programs in Start-up. I already have Avast. I have something called Malwarebytes. I used it to scan and found 3 Trojans. Two with quick scan and 1 with full scan. I don't know how recent they were acquired, but one looked like it was in one of the SP1 supplementary updates you recommended---or one that looked similar. I can send the logs.

For 2 years and 4 months I had a Verison high-speed land line and I had no real problems with anything I did. It was tested recently at 1 MBPS down and .35 up, with 37 ping. I expect the new wireless Clear service is much better. But it did not change my problem. I say "expect" because presently I cannot check the speed because that requires Java and in a round of therapeutic uninstalls I got rid of both it and Flash.  So now, to add to the slowness, I have neither of those because ...with my slow download situation I can't finish installing new versions.

After recounting all this to a local computer shop they thought it was either a virus or a worn out hard drive. Since my HD is in a cheap Chinese computer (e-machines) and is 2-plus years old, maybe that's it. They said it will show up in the 5 diagnostic tests they can run. I ask you: can I run these tests from the command prompt, and will you help me do it? And if I need a new HD, can you show me how to put that in?

         Thanks,  - Jim S.

ANSWER: You will want to go to and install the java, flash, shcockwave items as well as any others you want from this site as it does it automatically once you select the items you want.

Although your hard drive can be getting old, if you aren't getting errors then it is unlikely that it would simply be 'slowing down' as it is still reading things digitally, meaning it either reads it correctly or it doesn't. You can run windows tools like chkdsk to see if there are drive errors. My guess is most things are due to the malware/spyware issues as well as the fact that you have yet to get things completely up to date.. this means java, flash, and all windows updates and security patches.  You can use a site like belarc advisor to confirm you have all updates and to check the security of your computer.
All of these mentioned links can be found from my website here:


Mike Dacre
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QUESTION: I installed Java with Ninite with no problems. Same with Shockwave. But they don't have Flash because Adobe doesn't want any but themselves installing. And I can't with them. End of story.  Belarc downloaded and reported: 2 missing security items and a benchmark test of .63 of 10  Sounds bad to me. I am not even remotely competent to interpret the resulting lists, but I can say I get a dreadful sinking feeling looking at them. As for Secunia, they couldn't do a site-based scan because Java supposedly doesn't like the browser, which is an up-to-date Firefox. So I downloaded their PSI. When I ran it it said, in the end, it was unable to retrieve the PSI user ID and that there was no proxy support at this time---sorry. End of another story.  You've convinced me I have a virus. I kind of thought so all along. How do we get it off this computer? And will there be no end of work to maintain security?

Hello once again

Using the avast antivirus, click on SECURITY then on ANTIVIRUS and scroll down to BOOT TIME SCAN. Click on More details and set the HEURISTICS SENSITIVITY to the highest. Then click on SETTINGS and from AREAS TO SCAN, select ALL HARDDISKS and click ADD. Then make sure the
"scan for potentially unwanted..." and "unpack archive files" are both SELECTED.  Then from drop down menu item, When threat is found, select delete.  Then click OK
Now click on SCHEDULE NOW and then RESTART COMPUTER button.  Click OK to restart the computer and avast will now scan your entire computer outside of windows, removing anything it finds.

Once this is done it will restart normally.  You should then complete a full MALWAREBYTES scan if you haven't already.

After that you should be good to go.. oh, and STOP USING FIREFOX!  You should only be using CHROME.. Why? Because firefox requires numerous plug ins to simply work correctly, not to mention Chrome uses its own flash and java scripts.

If you still find things are slow, I would be performing a windows reinstall where you would be installing windows overtop of itself.. to learn more on how to do this, this website link provides a pretty good step by step approach:

It will basically allow you to reinstall windows without losing your data.

Hope this helps


Mike Dacre
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