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I have win7 and iE9 and every time I go to one website after another just one Tab stays on the iE Taskbar.

And it just replaces it with the new one.

And if I want to see all the Tabs for all the websites I went to I have to click on the ONE Tab.

The it opens a new window with all my Tabs for all the websites I just went to.

But I do not want to have to click on the one Tab to open the window that displaces all my new Tabs.

I did have it where every new Tab just went right next to the old Tab in the same iE main window.

And I would just click on them I did not have to have a new window open for me to see all Tabs.

I did  go to tools option Tab Settings.

And un checked Group Tabs.

This did nothing???

Hello Robert

goto control panel the switch to large icon views , then open internet options  then advanced tab then  click reset then again click reset
when done close IE and open it again that should reset your IE settings to default.

have a good day.

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