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Windows 7/Windows 7 update fail


Hi Kevin,

I'm running the following PC system:

MSI P43-C51 motherboard with fully updated BIOS.
Core 2 Quad Q8400
2 GB DDR3 RAM - 1333 MHz (normally I run 4 GB though I temp removed 1 stick for troubleshooting).
nVidia GeForce 560ti
Ocz 128 Gig solid state drive

This was a Windows XP machine - I upgraded from Core 2 Duo to Core 2 Quad and installed the new SSD - then installed Windows 7 on the SSD.

W7 seems to install fine.  I then go to install all the Windows Updates - it downloads a bunch of them (70-100), then starts to shut down.

At the shut down sequence, I get the screen that says "Installing Update 1 of 3".  It then shows a percentage.. 10, 12, 15%, etc.  It gets up to 30% then suddenly shuts down and restarts.  Tries to load back into Windows 7, gets to the pretty Windows logo screen, and then immediately afterwards the monitor loses signal.

I have tried lots of different things, like System Update Readiness Tool ("Hotfix for Windows KB947821"), sfc /scannow.. being sure to install all motherboard drivers first, etc.

I tried Microsoft Fix It, though when I tried to run it, I get an error message saying Troubleshooting Services BootStrapp has stopped working.  In the details, it says the "Problem Event Name" is CLR20r3.

This is really rough, been banging my head over this for many, many hours.  Not quite ready to suspect the new (actually, refurbished......) Core 2 Quad CPU nor the brand new SSD.  Everything else in my system was working fine under XP.

Any tips / clues / ideas you can provide would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Eric,
When you selected the updates to install, was a driver for your video card included.  I do not trust Windows updates when it comes to drivers.

The best place to get the drivers for your video card is either the manufacturers website or nvidias website can even automatically detect your video card.

You will most likely need to go into safe mode and uninstall the current video driver.  To get into safe mode press F8 after when during the reboot process.  Start pressing F8 as soon as you see anything displayed on the screen.

F8 will display a boot menu on the screen with many options one of them will be Safe Mode.  Safe mode will work and operate pretty much as Windows in normal mode, just less with less functionality.  Safe mode only loads the bare minimum for windows to run.


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