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hi i have a question about networking.When u go inside of the control panel.If im not mistaken there is a option that says network setup and wireless setup in the control panel.I know you have it
in windows xp,I cant remember if u have it in vista or win 7.I cant remember using either one of these that much.Im guessing network setup is for setting up a peer to peer and u run that on all the computers that you plan to have the network.The way i understand it is that will create a sharing of files but i think it only does a certain amount of files like say my documents.But its up to you to chose other types of folders and files on your own by choosing the sharing option on the file or folder.There also a icon for setting up a wireless networking.Ive installed routers before for computers to be able to connect wireless but ive never messed with the wireless networking icon for anything

Hi there

I'm not really sure what the question is, but I'll have a go.  Windows will search out all wireless connections within range that are transmitting a "beacon" signal and offer you a list, I'm sure you have seen this?

Now then I have my own Cisco set up at home and I have a wireless access point, I have set this access point to NOT transmit beacons, this means windows cant see it.

What I had to do the first time was use the wireless network wizard (which is what I think your asking about) and enter the SSID of my access point manually so it could still connect.  So my wireless is working but the neighbours will never see the beacon pop up in their list.

So in short the wireless network icon is for a wizard that you can manually make adjustments, most of the time these days you just plug your wireless card/adapter in and plug and play will install the drivers and the drivers will do the rest and make the connection the default etc.

hope this helps


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