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I just purchased a new Windows 7 based computer after having used Windows XP for many years.  Reducing the size of desktop icons was always an option on XP and earlier Windows versions, but I can't find that option in Windows 7.

Is there a way to reduce Windows 7 desktop icons, and if so, can you please help me navigate to it step by step?

Thank you very much for your time and expertise.

Hello Gary

There are a few things you are going to want to do. The first is making sure the screen resolution is set correctly. By RIGHT clicking anywhere on the desktop choose SCREEN RESOLUTION from the menu.  It should show (recommended) and if it doesn't scroll the slider button until it is set to the correct on.  Note this will be a higher number in most cases and it will make everything look smaller, but also much more sharper and that is the key.

Once you have done this, if things still look too Big (or small) you can then choose the same set of options (right click on desktop and choose resolution) and this time you will see below on the same window, MAKE TEXT AND OTHER ITEMS LARGER OR SMALLER.  And for this you should probably choose MEDIUM if it is on Small or Large if it is on Medium (in the case things were too small to begin with).  This changes the DPI settings (dots per inch), similarly if you were to simply walk up closer to a picture on a wall, it doesn't change the physical dimensions of the items, just the amount of pixel count you see, both lengthwise and width-wise. Note you will need to log off (or simply restart) your computer if/when you make changes here.

Finally, once you have set this part up correctly. If you still wish to change the icon size on the desktop, once again RIGHT CLICK on the desktop and choose VIEW and from there you will see ICON size small,medium,large.. go to the next one up (or down) from where the check mark is and this should do it for you.

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Hope this helps,


Mike Dacre
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