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I have W7 installed on my system. But I also have space on my C drive taken up by XP files, some 15GB worth. I would like to delete XP files and all associated programs. How can I determine which Windows files are XP. The properties information simply indicates that it is a windows folder, but does not indicate whether it is XP or 7.
Any guidance would be welcomed. Thanks for volunteering.

I would not recommend doing this. You may accidentally delete a file that's needed by Windows. I would not advise you to delete any of these potential system files.

With that being said...

You can TRY cleaning up space by RENAMING some of these files, rebooting, and seeing if everything works OK. If not, boot into safe mode and restore them. This, however, can be dangerous.

As a general rule of thumb, I almost NEVER recommend upgrading your OS. I always suggest you backup your data, WIPE the hard drive, and install a FRESH copy of Windows. That's my personal recommendation. Your system will run MUCH better.

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