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Windows 7/slow downloads part 2


continuing...   Hi Mike.  I ran Avast and Malwarebytes just as you instructed. They found nothing. But, interestingly, I was able to very quickly download Flash. So I have that now. But the slowness is mostly still with me.  Both before and after the scan I tried to open Chrome, which I had gotten installed with Ninine yesterday. Each time I get a message saying "Ah, Snap! Can't load this page..." They offer a suggestion link, but, it doesn't work either. Firefox, which I took off default, does open just fine though.
I read the Windows 7 re-install page link. I don't seem to have an install disc. Either I didn't get one or I have misplaced it. I am at the point of needing a bit more advice here. They talk about backing up stuff. Just key files, or more??  Can I save to thumb drive?
At this site I can download the install data:
But it offers several choices and I don't want to make a mistake. My system is 64-bit, I know. Which should I choose and can it go to a CD, DVD, or thumb drive?


Hello again Jim

Although I do applaud your perseverance to solve the problems, it would seem it may be something that a bench tech could solve more easily for you. With regards to Avast, you will want to go to the add/remove programs (or if you have installed ccleaner, from the tools go to uninstall) and then once you have selected avast to uninstall, it will prompt you if you wish to make changes or continue with the uninstall.. choose the change option (it should already be selected) then once it brings up the options, select and then de-select everything in the middle column "components" as you DO NOT want any of these.. they will just slow down the browser, as well as other issues not required especially if you use chrome. Things like software updater, browser cleaner, secure line, browser protection will all hamper the efficiency of your computer.

As for reinstalling windows...most systems purchased since windows 7 days, never shipped with software disks and what you would get is the option to create a 'factory recovery media' when you first turned it on.. amazingly most people overlooked this until it was too late and couldn't do much about it... you may still be able to do this, and/or you may be able to use the built in reset modes, depending on your computer. Some will have the option when you first turn it on, to "press F9 (for example) to enter system recovery mode and this would enable the factory recovery partition where you would have the option to either reset your computer to the way it was when you bought it (all data would be lost) or to perform a safe reset which would essentially reinstall windows but keep your account information in tact.

What I do for my clients is create a backup partition if the hard drive is large enough, or at least access the factory recovery partition, using software like Paragon's Hard drive manager.. if this is something you wish for me to do for you (adding you as a client) please contact me directly through my website contact at

I will send you the information to install remote access software for which I would then connect to your computer and assess things, clean up what I can, and if necessary, provide the ability to back up your data and then perform a full reinstall if necessary.  Note, this is typically what a technician in your area should be doing if you were to take your computer to them, but since you are still able to work online, this is how I provide services for 98% of my clients.. the other 2% require bench work whereas the hardware requires replacing such as power supply or new hard drive install...

The website link you provided will only cause you grief as they will require $$ for you to activate because you would require the windows cd key. Your windows is already authenticated by the certificate of authenticity on the side/front/back of your computer and you should write this down and keep it in a safe place as the sticker has a tendency to wear out or get smudged. The actual key can also be recovered with a software tool if your computer is working correctly (belarc advisor will show this)

Let me know how you make out or if you wish to 'escalate' your problems to a remote repair. (note: 3 re-replies on all experts is typically my limit for volunteer time)


Mike Dacre
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