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QUESTION: Hello!   I am running 64-bits, 3.75 GB RAM. 2.5 Ghtz with Windows 7. After nearly 2 and a half years smooth running suddenly, right after they did an extensive auto-install of SP1, larger files of all types are loading slow. I have had help with these issues: anti-virus/malware, drivers, clean-up of start-up tray and hard disk checks. I switched ISP. All to no avail, although some seemed to help---at least momentarily. YouTube videos freeze up and won't continue loading, no matter how long I wait. Same thing with progress bars on larger app installs, such as Java (I had to use Ninite to finally get it completed).

And then it was suggested I re-intall Windows. Since this is a serious move I have taken some days and read some procedures, and mulled the matter off and on. A number of facts have come into my mind to take a seat at the table.

First and most obvious, I thought, is simply to uninstall SP1 before proceeding with a non-destructive uninstall of 7. Since SP1 appears to have had something to do with the situation, maybe just it needs to go--or be reinstalled (some viruses were found that might (??) have corrupted the installation the first time). But when I go to the uninstall window I don't see the Service Pack in the list. There are a whole bunch of other Windows updates I was told to manually finish putting in, but not the SP. So I can't target that myself. Perhaps you would be able to help me were I to send a screen shot of it.    Now as I perused this list I noticed Microsoft Office 2000 and various components. Someone had given this to me and I had installed (there were some issues doing this, I recall) an unauthorized version of Word from the disc---the only thing I needed. So I am wondering if this might have messed up the SP update and caused all the trouble.    What should I do at this point?

BTW, I usually log on these days in Safe Mode, as I can move around faster for routine stuff. Then when I need sound, or Picture Viewer,etc. I re-start normally.

First I do not recommend uninstalling any updates.  You may make matters worse.  I would leave that up to a PC Technician.

What you can do is boot off you Windows 7 CD and choose to repair your Windows installation.  Malware removal can have adverse effects on a computer, but the effects will either be immediate or appear after a reboot, they will not show after the installation of a Windows of MS update.

An authorized program will not have any effect that you are experiencing, you will either not be able to use the program or it will nag you about purchasing a legal copy.  But it will not slow the computer down.

What you are describing is hard for me to provide suggestions for you because I have never experienced what you are after installing SP1.

Other than doing a repair of Windows which would require SP1 to be reinstalled, the only other suggestion I have is to use a program such as CCleaner to clean junk files from the harddrive, and defraggler to defrag the hard drive.

CCleaner can be downloaded from
Defraggler can be downloaded from


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QUESTION: Thanks Kevin

I'll do whatever you say. I did not get a disc with my computer but I was able to make a 64-bit Windows 7 repair disc anyway. I read an article that said SP1 should be uninstalled first to prevent trouble. That is why I was looking for it in the list.

I have already run CCleaner, but a defrag I have yet to do. I've sort of assumed that modern computers have so much real estate that it's hardly necessary. I have 391 GB free right now.

But let me know what do do and what order to do it and I'll be happy to try.
         - Jim

Hi Jim,
You can download Windows 7 with service Pack 1 included in it from the link below

You should also be able to contact the manufacturer of your computer and get a Windows CD that way.

With out a Windows CD I am not sure what else to tell you to do.


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