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hi..the laptop here has the white smoke toolbar in it. this is not my pc.  it has win 7 and its a 32 bit pc. i have tried uninstall on control panel, and various anti malware scans to remove it. nothing  works to do this. so, what do you have to do to pull this out? thank you!!

Hello James
usually that toolbar comes with a very nasty rootkit virus which prevents anything from removing it or it keeps bringing it back
removal steps I recommend

is malwarebytes rootkit tool you can download it from
download it extract the compressed folder and run mbar , update it then let it scan , and then remove any infections if found and reboot if aksed.

then goto and download malwarebytes and install it and update it then run a quick scan and remove any infections if found and reboot if asked

use a different antivirus im not sure what you have on you can temporary disable it or uninstall it and then use bitdefender now offers a free antivurs which works pretty well in catching nasty viruses/malware and you can download it and install it from , when installed let it finish updating and run a scan. whole idea of trying a deferent antivirus to make sure there are no left overs. then its up to you if you want to stick with your current one or any others.

then goto control panel , switch to small icons view or large icon view then click on internet options and  then goto programs tab and then click on manage addons and then under toolsbars and extensions locate and disable the whitesmoke toolbar and other whitesmoke stuff , do the same if you use firefox or chrome as an alternative browser. don't forget to reset your internet home page to default and your search engine to google or bing , as whitesmoke change those and keep reinstalling it self if they weren't change back to something else.

let me know if that didn't work we can use different tools to remove it
if you need more help please feel free to contact me back anytime
have a good day.

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