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QUESTION: For some reason Windows 7 is not allowing programs to download from the internet. The programs (Adobe Digital & OverDrive Media are the main two) used to be able to download but they no longer work. I have placed them on the allow list to come through the fire wall and I am not running on a proxy server. I'm at a loss as to why it worked for years and now it no longer does. I have tried the both fixes that have been given for both programs and nothing has worked. For Overdrive Media I get the response that it is not connected to the internet and for Adobe digital i get a different error that I looked up and it stated that the program was not allowed through the firewall, changed that setting and still got the same error. I also used to get the accu-weather tab on the top of the scree but it now tells me that I am not connected to the internet. But clearly I am as I am typing this question.Even the gadgets that Windows provides that can be placed on the main screen, such as a clock and weather state that they cannot connect to server, this is why I think that it is Windows program and not the firewall that is causing this problem as i have tried turning off the firewall and I still have the same issue. We have not had any changes to our internet server or provider and the internet appears to be working fine as well. I also just completed a virus scan of the computer to determine if there was an issue there and nothing came up. I really hope you are able to help
Thank You in advance for any help
Oh also of note, is my utorrent program does not seem to have any issuing getting through

ANSWER: Hello Janine

Besides the ongoing cleaning, removal and maintenance of the malware/spyware issues which you should be doing and you can learn more about this from my website at .. read the TIPS page on OPTIMIZING your computer and then go to the SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page and download all the items from the PINK section. CCLEANER and MALWAREBYTES work best for this. As well, if you aren't using CHROME as your main web browser you should be.. Internet Explorer is terrible and will always cause problems.  

Also you are going to want to check your internet router and modem. I suggest unplugging the power to your internet modem and leaving it off for at least 1 minute. Then when you plug the power back in, it will take probably another 30 seconds to get up to speed as it will reconnect to the ISP server. This will help clear the current IP address that has been issued to your modem.  You should also check your internet router, reset it by pressing and holding the reset button on it for at least 30 seconds. This will place the router back to the factory settings and you can then once again set it up.  Once you have done this, if you still have troubles with various websites, even after you have performed the various cleaning tips I have provided, you may want to have a service tech take a look at your computer. There is a good chance it needs more then what I can explain here, but 9 times out of 10 this should do the trick.

Hope this helps,


Mike Dacre
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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I have tried most of the above suggestions and so far it has not worked. I have yet to try to the reset my router as I am on Telus, and I was wondering if you know if that clears the wireless account that is set up on the computer and if i will have to create a new one?

Also i was wondering if you think if it is worth a try to go back to a date when I know that all the programs were working (beginning of May) to see if it was some sort of update for firefox or windows that made the computer this way.

Thank you once again for your help.

ANSWER: Hello again

Only doing "some" of these and not all is obviously not going to solve your problem. No, going back to a previous time, although it sounds like it might fix things, generally does not. Since this will only fix various registry issues, it will not repair a slow computer due to malware/spyware issues.  Resetting your router, as I mentioned, will place the unit back to the way it was when you first got it, so yes, the wireless router settings that you may have set up will need to be re-done but this is why you are doing it in the first place.  Since you say you have a telus router, my guess is that it may also be quite old.. if it is more then 2 years old you should be contacting Telus and getting them to send you a new one. These are known to be a serious problem. You can check your internet speeds by going to  and depending on what speed you are paying for, you should be getting at least 5-10 mbps download with a ping of less then 50ms. Try it a few times as doing it only once will produce generally slower then normal results.  But with regards to the software updates, cleaning and optimizing, this should all be done as well, before you jump to any sort of windows restore issues. That is only something you do if your system itself stops functioning.


Mike Dacre
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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, but i wanted you to know that everything worked for a little while. I downloaded everything in the red box area (except for Everest as that link is now dead) and things were going great for awhile, until I downloaded Dropbox. then the problem returned. I have run the tests on all the programs and nothing has helped it go back to normal. I have uninstalled and delted everything that went along with drop box and restarted the computer afterwards. Any ideas?

Hello again

Dropbox is a pretty memory intensive program, meaning that when it is running, it takes quite a chuck of the available RAM. Therefore unless you find you need to leave dropbox running all the time due to the fact that you are 'catching' many files from other sources, I would suggest removing it from start up and only starting it when you know you have file(s) waiting to be downloaded. This goes for other cloud based programs like Google Drive and/or SkyDrive (microsoft's version).

You should also right click ON my computer and select PROPERTIES and then from there, take a look at the advanced properties, making sure the memory is set to automatically allow windows to adjust. If this is not the case, then there is a good chance this is where a lot of your problems exist from.

Take a look at the following link and DO NOT do what it tells you to WANT TO ALLOW WINDOWS TO MANAGE THIS.

If this was not already set to manage, once you make changes you will need to restart your computer.

Hope this helps


Mike Dacre
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