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QUESTION: I recently had a problem with trying to use the windows xp repair console to remove a virus. Well, it didn't work as the installation kept freezing up, so a call for pay support to Microsoft advised me to upgrade to Windows 7. The technician managed to install it and carried my Wimndows.old files over to windows 7, but there was not enough space on my hardrive to merge or to open up the files, so he ran a DISK cleanup thinking that only the Winxp old installiotn files would be deleted. Never- the- less the windows.old files were deleted before I could put them on an external hardrive. Have you ever heard of a program that could restore a computer back in time? I recall using a software from a man stationed in Israel who had software that would restore your complete desktop into exactly the way it was on a certin date. You didn't even have to had installed the software before hand.The only problem that I remembered was that it made any of your programs or objects saved on other disks, invisiable.I would like help in restoring my system to it's old self to recover those old files. I would not even come back to windows 7 even though I paid for it. Their tech support has been a good are recovery programs? I need one that can recover 86 gig size windows.old files. I can not endure trying to recover thousands of by one.

ANSWER: Thanks for your question!

In order to judge how to go about this, I need to know whether or not you are familiar with the operating system "Linux"?  If not, we may have to go a premium route.  Most Windows software for this purpose costs money.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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QUESTION: I have heard of linux and realize that most computer problems are caused by miscommunications between software programs and going outside of "THE BOX" and their various limitations can correct many problems, but only if one is expert or really  comfortable with new techniques. I am neither.The lost files are not those that can save the world, but they will save me weeks of trying to rescan thousands of documents and photographs.Microsoft tech support did this damage and I intend to hold them legally responsiable !

Well, I can suggest a program.  Good news is it's free.  The other good news is that I have full faith in the company.  The program is called 'Recuva' and it is made by Piriform.  You can download it HERE.  Although it is pretty step-by-step, a reference guide can be found HERE.  I, too, am always available if you get stuck on anything or would like my input on what to do next.

If you feel more comfortable going this route, I could assist you via remote assistance (free of charge, of course).  Whichever route you decide to go, please let me know.


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